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The Ultimate Traveler

Book a 100% personalized trip with unlimited access to our agents.

  • 1 hour
  • $60 per vacation day
  • Contact method: Video call

Service Description

Get the best quality trip itinerary completely tailored to your needs and wants. Say goodbye to the old days of spending endless hours in your computer searching for places to go, asking all your Facebook friends for recommendations only to find out these are across town and you have no way of getting there. Arriving to your dream destination, only to struggle and not know exactly where to go first. Sounds familiar? Well, that is gone as well. We will plan your every move so you can relax before your vacation even starts. We're talking about... - Detailed step by step information on what each day will look like. - Information on the places you'll be visiting throughout the day (we don't want you to pass by a landmark and not knowing at least the basic information). - Where to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to go across town to have delicious cuisine (yes, we're all about saving time). - Whichever your preferred method of transportation is, we'll give you all the details (at what time to get on the bus, subway, average Uber/Lyft prize and more). - Skipping long lines for museums and other attractions with our pro tips. - You'll get to visit hidden gems, we don't only stick to typical tourist places. We want you to have the best experience and that means you get to brag to all your friends when you go back about all the unique and non-conventional places you visited. Sounds exciting, right? For $60 per trip planning day you will receive: - A detailed trip itinerary in PDF format. Convenient to keep on your phone and also easy to print. - Unlimited itinerary changes. We understand you can change your mind about what you want to do each day, we will be here every step of the way. - Unlimited communication with our Travel Planning Agents. Any questions you might have, any time of the day, they're there. Even during your trip! - Yes, we're talking about 24/7 support. - Bookings. Restaurants, museums, you name it! This is the ultimate access you have been dreaming about. It's here. It's Cova Travels. No more wasting precious time at a foreign country or going back home to realize you missed from visiting the most majestic places.

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