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Our Services

Our mission is to create personalized travel experiences that are rich in culture, worry free, and time efficient based on YOUR desires.

This means no more spending hours and days planning the logistics of your trips. Leave that to us!

Forget about the generalized land tours with stops you don't care about and unrealistic expectations.

Do you want to only use the subway as transportation?

What about exploring the city by bike?

Only from 10am to 8pm? That's fine!

Oh, and if you only have a few hours available each day we can adapt to that as well!

We take care of all the details so you get to enjoy a hassle-free vacation!

The one thing you have to do


Once you book one of our services, we will send you a form to get to know you and your preferences, such as what you enjoy doing, how many people you're traveling with, what your budget is, transportation preferences, and a few other things so we can get to work.


What you will get

We will give you a VERY detailed itinerary with the places you'll be going, at what time and a description of what you can find there. This includes estimated duration time at a location, the time it will take you to get to your next destination, how to get there and estimated commute time. We even give you options for estimated time walking vs taking the subway!


Yes, we get specific and that's why our clients are so happy! And you will never have to worry about "wasting time" because we even include food options along the way so you don't have to go across town to try delicious cuisine. We time everything perfectly so your lunch options show up at the time you're getting hungry!

If you want to go to a museum or some place that's usually busy or has long lines, we will give you the scoop on the perfect time to get there so you don't have to stay in line for hours.

But first

No, not coffee. Although that sounds great! First discover what services we offer so you can select the one that better matches your needs.

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Something like this!

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