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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

You think you packed everything until you get to your destination and realize you don't have pajamas, toothpaste and also forgot your flip flops.

Let's be honest, it has happened to all of us. We have all forgotten something when packing a suitcase. Either if it is something easy to buy at your local convenience store such as a deodorant or something essential and more complicated to replace such as hiking shoes. One thing is for sure, no one likes to pack, and if you do I'm pretty sure you are the minority. And since most people postpone packing as much as they can, I want to make sure that next time you travel you take with you everything you will need.

One thing that has been helpful every single time is to check the weather a few days before my trip. You could be going to a hot city like Miami, but if there happens to be a tropical storm, you definitely want to add a few raincoats and umbrellas in your suitcase. Planning ahead of time will help you save time so you don't have to rush to the mall once you get to your destination. Think of a few ways to combine the t-shirts and pants you'll be taking so you get to don some great and fashionable outfits.

“Before you even start packing, think of what you’ll be doing on the trip. Hang up your clothes and see how you can combine them. Then edit it down.” - Diane von Furstenberg

Is there a right way to pack?

Yes and no. Either if you roll or fold your clothes, the important thing is making sure you pack everything you will need for your trip. We all have our methods to save space in our suitcase and depending on who you ask they will have the correct and best way to pack. To each his own and at the end of the day, most of us don't have to share suitcases.

Since I know some people will still leave the hard work for the last minute and pack a few hours before boarding a plane, I created the ultimate packing list. It's a checklist with all the items you'll probably need to pack, and if there's some you don't need, just scratch them off. Remember this is a very general list. To be practical and because girls usually need more things than men, I created two different lists, one for his and one for hers.

Download the printable CovaTravels ultimate packing list for male and female.

Packing List
Download PDF • 350KB

What can I carry on my purse/handbag?

My personal secret is to always bring a big purse or backpack with you. Whichever feels more comfortable. Why bring something so big instead of a small crossbody bag? Because there you will not only store all your travel essentials like passport, ID, visas, masks, hand sanitizer. You will also have space just in case your suitcase is overweight on your way back home. Most people only think about their suitcase weight before the trip, and only the minority think about the souvenirs, clothes, or toys they might buy during their trip. Guess what? You might end up going over the suitcase weight allowance and will need somewhere to store all that extra baggage. Why pay extra when you can toss some jeans and a sweater inside your backpack? At the end of the day, most airlines never weigh your personal bag.

Another thing that's usually a major headache: TSA guidelines for carry-on liquids. Make sure before you head to the airport, that the liquid items you have on your purse are under 3.4 ounces (100mL). TSA recommends keeping all your liquids in a one-quart plastic bag, and we recommend you bring an additional Ziploc bag just in case.

“Keep 10 percent of your luggage empty. That way you have room to pack new treasures and souvenirs to take home.” - Marie Kondo

Bon Voyage! Hopefully this article was helpful and gave you a few tips you can use next time. You're officially ready to go on your next adventure. Share all the details with us! @CovaTravels

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