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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

You want some fun under the sun and you wonder, when is the best time to travel to Miami? Some say Spring, others Winter. We answer the million dollar question here.

We know when you think about Miami what comes to mind is a hot summer party, plenty of fun things to do, drinking, and of course, hot guys and girls. Don't deny it. We know that's what you picture. Even though in the summer there's plenty of great things happening, it's also hot and humid like you've probably never experienced before. And when we mean hot, we mean heat index can easily reach 103-110 degrees Fahrenheit (39°C - 43°C). If you decide to pack your bags for a summer break, don't say we didn't warn you. One thing to keep in mind: it always rains. Yes, it's hot and sticky but also make sure to carry an umbrella with you at all times. In Florida fashion, a regular day starts with beautiful weather and all of a sudden in the middle of the day it starts to rain.

That's why we recommend visiting the great city of Miami in the Spring. In mid February the temperature starts rising again and it's lovely until May. It's usually between 70°F and upper 80°F (21°C - 31°C). The rainy season hasn't started yet, and the hurricanes haven't even been named. Another great thing about Spring is that you have the Ultra Music Festival and the Miami Open, so if you are into EDM music or tennis, you should definitely consider visiting.

Does that mean stay away in the summer? Of course not, there's plenty of things going on. You can find pool parties at every single hotel, you can get a nice tan, there's street festivals and music festivals every other weekend. So overall you will find many tourists. Be advised that you should pack light clothes, preferably shorts and tank tops because it does get hot. Hey! At least there's the beach, pool and many breweries to get a cold beer and feel refreshed.

Now, during the Fall the weather starts getting so much better and not so hot. The one thing you have to keep in mind: hurricane season is still in full swing. The plus side: There's not many tourists, so you get to skip crowds and be able to actually go shopping and not make long lines. Let's not forget that the rainy season should be over and it usually doesn't rain every single day of the week.

Last but not least: Winter. Lovely 65°F - 77°F (18°C - 25°C) weather, no humidity, no hurricanes, and it doesn't rain every single day. It doesn't get better than that. You will see many people from northern cities coming to their houses in Florida to stay away from the snow. Also, at the same time you will see Floridians wearing Uggs, gloves and jackets as if it's snowing. They're definitely not made for cold weather! For the artistic souls, Art Basel usually falls the first week of December in Miami and crowds from all over the world attend the week long fest. If you want to see Santa at the beach and wearing shorts, and fake snow wherever you go, South Florida is the place to be.

Check out our Ultimate Packing List so you don't forget anything next time you travel!

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