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My Travel Essentials

Whether you're a seasoned globetrotter or a newbie traveler, having the right gear can make all the difference in the world. After spending a lot of years on the road and traveling the world, I have tried a good amount of products. Some have been good, some not so much. In this blog, we'll explore a curated list of essential products for travel that will help streamline your journey and enhance your overall experience. From versatile travel bags to compact and efficient gadgets, we'll cover everything you need to pack smart, stay organized, and make the most of your time on the road.

View from Pao de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Travel essentials

Tag tracker

Galaxy SmartTag+ for my Android lovers, AirTag for all iOS users, and Tile for those that desire to go for the middle ground, as it works for both Android and iOS.

What to use this for? Insert it into your luggage, backpack or whatever other item you want to keep an eye on. For me, I have inserted them into my checked bags so when I arrive to my destination, the first thing I do is check if the luggage arrived as well.

We have all heard nightmare stories of luggage being lost, left behind, stolen, etc. This is a perfect way to combat that stress and have peace of mind.

Luggage scale

A MUST for all your travels. Wether you are only taking a carry on or checking bags, this item is a life saver! It has definitely saved me from repacking in the middle of an airport. Instead, I can plan on how I will distribute the weight back at the hotel.

Also, a ProTip is to make your suitcase a day before and weigh it before making your final purchases. You will then realize if you can do some last minute shopping or if you are a bit more limited than you originally thought.

Travel pillow

My experience in long flights completely changed after finding out about this travel pillow. I was finally able to sleep for most of the flight with this thing! The reality is that I'm not a fan of the typical travel pillows. They're too puffy for me and take too much space (and no, I don't like the ones you blow up). That's why when I found trtl I was happy. This pillow is foldable, so it takes very little space, it's easy to store, and it's washable.

The difference is that trtl has neck support, so you feel like your head is leaning on to something concrete for support, and you won't wake up with terrible neck pain. Get it, you can thank me later.

Sleep mask

For those that need to cover all signs of light to be able to sleep on the plane or train, this is a great sleep mask. I have been using these for a while now and I can confirm they are very comfortable. It effectively blocks lights, doesn't bother your nose, it's adjustable so your head won't hurt because of being tight, and they are easy to wash.

It comes in a 3-pack so you can bring a few if you will be traveling for a long time.

Travel Personal bag

This extra large purse has been indispensable for me. If I have to travel somewhere by plane and it requires having the airport experience, I am taking this purse. It fits large laptops (back when I had my 17' laptop, it fit perfectly), a folded sweater, and all other typical airport items we like to carry. I personally store so much in my personal bag that I needed something large (with a zipper) and this purse has been my holy grail. It is water resistant, lightweight and holds a lot of weight.

Travel adapter

An essential item for all travelers: a travel adapter. This one in particular has all the adaptors included for any type of plug, hence I love it. No matter where I go, I will be covered. You don't need to break the bank to get a good quality adapter. I have used this one for many years and it's still going strong.

Remember to always check the voltage of the country you will visit, as there's the 220-240v and 110-127v difference and depending on the electronic product you will be plugging in, you will need or not a power converter.

Dirty laundry bag

Yes, you should get a laundry bag for your travels. You don't want the clean clothes getting dirty with the smell of your already-used clothes. This XL wash me bags are ideal to keep the dirty stuff where it belongs. They are very resistant and can fit a lot of items.

Shoe bag

For my travels, I always wrap my shoes either in plastic bags (so I can use them later. You never know when you need a plastic bag), or in an actual show bag.

This set of 3 is perfect for the average amount of shoes you may bring with you. It's also very convenient that it's pure cotton, therefore machine washable to remove all the dirtiness from your shoes.

Whenever you are not traveling, you may use these to cover your purses, or any other item around the house.

Travel jewelry organizer

You want to look good in your pictures when traveling, and a detail most of us forget when packing is jewelry. At least for me, it always comes last. But not to be forgotten! In my early days, I would throw all earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in a Ziplock bag or a little box. Nowadays, I know better to not do that. Trying to untangle everything was annoying.

Hence I use this travel jewelry box. It has compartments to keep everything organized and you won't have to spend a lot of time untangling your jewelry.

Tripod stand & selfie stick

All solo travelers out there will understand the struggle to get your own pictures and videos. It's simply not as easy to get good pictures of yourself when traveling alone. And to be honest, a lot of times the strangers to ask to take a picture of you simply don't do a very good job. Therefore, I decided to purchase this tripod stand. It's not like all others, this one actually is tall enough to take a great picture of you at the same height of your face (we all hate pictures from down up. We don't need to see our neck fat!).

This tripod stand is heavy duty and at the same time lightweight enough to bring with you while exploring the city. Another thing I like is that it brings a remote and travel bag. The cherry on top? You can separate part of it and it becomes a selfie stick. That way if you know you are going somewhere where a selfie stick will suffice, you can break it apart and bring only the selfie stick part.


I hope this list has helped you decide on what essential travel products to purchase. They have been the best allies for my adventures all over the world.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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