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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

You're in the mood for a romantic trip with your boo and are wondering where to go. There's so many places on this Earth to explore. However, there's some cities that are actually known for being romantic destinations. Here's a list you can use as inspiration when booking your next getaway. Cities are listed in no specific order.

Rome, Italy

Admit it, you think of Rome and immediately all the romcom images come to your mind. We don't blame you. When in the Eternal City you can feel the love in the air. You can enjoy romantic strolls by the Trevi Fountain (don't forget to throw a coin and make a wish), grab a gelato and admire the beautiful architecture, or visit historic landmarks such as the Pantheon and Colosseum. We are not sure if it would be considered 'romantic', but since you are making the trip, you should consider a visit to the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Everything is mesmerizing. There's also many rooftops where you can marvel at sunsets like no other overlooking the city.

Florence, Italy

Fashionistas and art lovers, a trip to Florence is what you need in life. At least once. Visit the Giardino di Boboli, part of the Pitti Palace, once home to the Medici family. Then fall in love with music at Teatro Goldoni and appreciate the classical music at this historic 19th-century theater.

Get a gelato to-go and watch the sunset from Ponte Santa Trinita. At this picture perfect spot you will get to see the sun going down on Ponte Vecchio. For those sporty couples, you will love the view from the Duomo of Florence after going up 400 steps. Completely worth it!

Paris, France

Oh la la, the city of love! Crowned 'Most Romantic City on Earth' over and over again, Paris is number one for many people. Its beauty is undeniable. Just think about smoochin' on the green areas surrounding the Eiffel Tower, getting on a boat and go down the Seine, visit the Luxembourg Gardens. Walk up the hills all the way up to the Sacré-Cœur basilica, enjoy the beautiful terraces and delicious gourmet food. There's so many romantic things to do in the City of Light.

Venice, Italy

Yes, you will feel like. you're in a rom-com. Just imagine all the street musicians playing classic tunes, cute cafes, and hearing the oh-so-sexy Italian language everywhere you go. When going to Venice, always save some money towards getting on a gondola ride along the canals. After that, everything else is negotiable. You will fall in love with the Baroque architecture and the amazing live opera performances. Don't miss the sunset at St. Mark's square, the Palazzo Ducale, and if you want a souvenir, look no further than Venice Carnival masks (they're unlike anything else).

Bruges, Belgium

This one would've never come to mind, huh? The reality is that this city has a certain charm that makes it be on this list. Did you know Bruges is known as ‘Venice of the North’ due to the vast amount of canals and bridges? For those that don't adore Venice, this is another destination where you can also enjoy the many canals (and the views), cobbled streets and let's not forget the medieval buildings. Oh, and be warned: they have an obsession with potatoes. After all, Belgians invented fries, not Americans.

So many castles.

Fun fact: Bruges is known for lace making. Maybe you'd want to buy some lace underwear to surprise your partner. *wink, wink*

Cape Town, South Africa

Not often top of mind, but Cape Town has beautiful views to offer and romantic activities no matter what interests you. For those adventurous couples, nothing like hiking Lion's Head and enjoying the view. You can even do a sunset hike! When on a clear day, go up the Table Mountain on a cable car, you might be lucky to see the entire city. Put your phones away and enjoy nature by going to Boulders Beach and seeing penguins, enjoy a picnic by the beach or go to a vineyard and spend the afternoon tasting some fermented grapes.

Marrakech, Morocco

You didn't see this one coming, right? The Old imperial city of Marrakech surprisingly has so much potential for a romantic trip with your partner. Stay in a traditional riad and feel like you stepped back in time. You will experience the life of a royal with all those fountains and stunning courtyards. Then, you head out and go on a camel ride across the Sahara desert, or visit the many museums, gardens, ruins and palaces around the city. Whatever you do, make sure you keep one thing in mind at all times! Public displays of affection are disapproved in Morocco due to its large Muslim population. Best if you leave the PDA back at the Riad.

Quebec City, Canada

This lovely city east of Canada is considered the oldest European settlement on the continent. You will be charmed by its architecture, old cobblestoned streets, and fantastic food. You can take a stroll on Dufferin Terrace and marvel at the St. Lawrence river and the ultra famous castle-like hotel: Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. Don't forget the jazz bars, ice skating (if you go during the winter), and wine tasting. For those living in the Americas, it's the perfect European-like vacation without actually going all the way to Europe.

New York City, USA

This one goes for the movie lovers. Reenact your favorite romantic comedies! Whether it's going up top the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building and overlooking the city skyline, or spending an afternoon at Central Park away from the chaos, this city has something for everyone.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Morning coffee overlooking Ipanema beach? Sign me up! Romantic -salty- getaways are unique, and at Rio de Janeiro, a great time is almost guaranteed. Take a helicopter ride and see Christ the Redeemer from a different angle, walk the Escadaria Selarón, also known as the 'Selaron Steps', visit the legendary Maracana stadium, and end your night with a romantic stroll by the beach. For those missing the ocean breeze, simply enjoy a day at Leblon beach or enjoy a romantic day at Morro da Urca. Watch the sunset and enjoy a beach picnic at Pedra do Arpoador. In the background you will get to see the stunning Morro Dois Irmãos and Pedra da Gávea.

No matter what your taste is, there's a romantic city for you. We covered just a few hoping it makes your decision easier when booking your next trip.


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