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Quebec might be known for its gorgeous European architecture, fortifications and of course the Château Frontenac but it seems like the thing they're most proud of is their signature dish: Poutine.

I almost didn't believe my uncle when he told me I had to try this plate called Poutine that consisted of mixing french fries, gravy and cheese. What!? Who would want to eat soggy french fries? How about no one! Most people I know like their fries crispy. It made no sense at the time. On my visit to Quebec I decided to be curious and try it. I had to know first hand how it tastes! I have to admit, it changed my life. It's SO delicious!

Somehow the sweet gravy blends perfectly well with the previously crispy and salty french fries. Then once you start chewing the taste of the cheese of choice kicks in and boom! We have a winner. The best part is that restaurants add their unique twist to the original recipe and include a ton of ingredients for an even better dish. Did you know that “poutine” is Quebec slang for “a mess"? That makes a lot of sense! In some restaurants they even let you build your own poutine which is fantastic! But don't be fooled, this is a major food explosion (said in the best way possible) so don't pretend you're going to be eating anything else before or after.

I wish we would know more about its origin but we are only certain that it was born in rural Quebec in the 1950s. A few different restaurants claim they were the ones who invented it. Among those are Le Lutin qui rit in Warwick and Le Roy Jucep in Drummondville. But we all know how this game is played out. Who wouldn't want to claim such a delicious invention as their own?

The truth is that Poutine is Quebec's culinary pride and if people are allowed to mix their french fries with ice cream, then poutine should be worldwide accepted and loved as well.

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